July 02, 2011

Beauty and Paris

Well, now Paris is calling and I'm not really packed to go.

Jump on my friend Jill's tour of Europe and see these fabulous photos of the City of Lights by Pati Pakulis.

Or go see Midnight in Paris. A love letter to Paris by Woody Allen.

Selena Gomez wants you to take your daughter to see her in Monte Carlo. (It's PG for a couple of reasons. A dialogue will follow.)

The there's always my favorite, Julie and Julia.

And if you want to experience the writers life in Paris, read Janice's Blog live from her adventures at the Seine.



Janice MacLeod said...

Merci beaucoup! Paris sends it's love. The only birds here are pigeons and the seashells are made of chocolate.

Vicki said...

Chocolate Seashells sound good to me!


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