April 09, 2010


My favorite family and I are heading to a dinner 30 miles from here to gather with the most important moms in my life. We simply call ourselves "Group" and we've been friends since our eldest kiddos were 2 months old. If I were a dog I'd be drooling. These gals and their offspring are wonderful, thoughtful, funny, perfect, imperfect, busy, challenging, marvelous, conquering moms and the ones I'd call my dearest friends. Two of the group won't be with us tonight. The doctor is 350 miles away and dinner, for tonight, is inconvenient. The other is 1/2 way around the world - serving health in the third world. They will be missed. But, even without them, this will be a night to retell.

April 07, 2010

More Randomness - Ahh Spring.

I awoke this morning to heaps of cool air pouring over the open bedroom transom window and down onto my exposed feet. I quickly got up, covered up and then pokes a foot back out to soak it up. I love nothing more than a cold, white pillow case against my face. And apparently, a little breeze on the toes too. Ahh, Spring.

I was also met by the brilliant waft of Freesia fragrance, from the Freesia gracing my dining table and sending the "come breathe, slowly, deeply" message my way. Mine are long gone. These are white and light, light lavender. Big, huge Freesia. They were the one purchase I allowed myself to decorate the Easter table. (I have a box full of darling Easter specials to reuse, reuse, reuse.) But, I may just go right back to that overpriced market and buy another bunch. Ahh Spring.

April 06, 2010

Brisk and random

Today, I'm considering several thoughts, in no particular order:
  • I found a lovely blog, lovely experience of a blog, wherein the writer suggests that comments might just detract from the freedom of just being at the blog site and enjoying. As much as I love the connection in comments, I believe I love this idea for myself.
  • It's heading toward 10 in the morning, we're all home for Easter break, and waiting for the washing machine repair man. No one has moved out of jammies. We often spend this time of year in San Francisco. So I guess this is vacation. There will be some mad scramble when the doorbell rings.
  • I love having the backdoor open to the high 50's cool. It creates a little draft that reminds me that spring looks delicate with all the floral blooming. But spring is not tame.
  • My German Shepherd discovered a yellow hand squeezer-thing which made its way into our house. It is the focus of his existence and we just watched him sit, staring up at the mantle where it sat waiting for it to do something for 10 minutes. I love focus.
  • I watched Mario Batalli make a salad of raw shredded asparagus (he used a tomato or potato peeler) in olive oil, lemon, and parmesan reggiano. I was not able to tell, from Matt Lauer's face or comments, if it was tasty and now I want to try it. I may hold some baby romaine on the side just in case it falls flat with my staff here. He made a super yummy looking pasta dish too.
There you go. Brisk and random.
That's what's on my mind.

April 04, 2010

Quotable Sunday - Love Wins ~ Matthew 18:5-7

 5-6The angel spoke to the women: "There is nothing to fear here. I know you're looking for Jesus, the One they nailed to the cross. He is not here. He was raised, just as he said. Come and look at the place where he was placed.
 7"Now, get on your way quickly and tell his disciples, 'He is risen from the dead. He is going on ahead of you to Galilee. You will see him there.' That's the message."  - Matthew 17:5-7, The Message

This is the reason for my hope. Jesus Christ who walked on earth, died for a specific purpose at the Passover. It was foretold that he would become the sacrificial lamb for purpose of atonement for all who follow the Way. A way away from the law and directly into the path of unrealistic, gracious love. An inexplicable love for more than a few. 
This is the reason for my hope. There were witnesses to His death and to His resurrection, the walking amongst them for proof of this transformation. 
I'm in. All the way in. Whether I witness the great or small miracle(s). I believe. And my joy is in my hope. I profess Jesus Christ and I know that the only choice that is certain is what He has spoke:  Love. Love Won. Love Wins. Always.


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