March 23, 2011

Caterpillar update 2

Yesterday some of the over 200 butterflies waiting in there chrysalises were wiggling.  You can't imagine how giddy I'm feeling. I've never witnessed a butterfly emerging. When my kiddos were three and five we had a butterfly hatchery with 3. Those caterpillars did their work and I saw the butterflies, but missed the emerging. I'm guessing that with 200, I'll see the breaking free. Oh, and they came to my office so I won't likely miss them.

One of the gals I work with asked if they'd be pretty "or just brown." I'm don't really care what color they are, I can't get over:
the numbers,
the place,
the process (the climbing, the hanging, the stillness, the creating of the chrysalis, the stillness, the new ones who join late (real late bloomers), the wiggling and now, the color change - the chrysalises are becoming vaguely orange.

Which means, my friend is going to get pretty butterflies.
And I get 200 butterflies (which will be orange).

I asked a science teacher the other day, why they chose this place to congregate and how all of them got to these broad eaves outside my window. He said, they just know where their supposed to go. He assumed they do this every year. I assure you, they haven't in my three years and no one else seems to have noticed them before.

Perhaps a teeny caterpillar newsletter.

Or a way to hear the Creator.

Those broad eaves have come in very handy in our rainy, stormy, rainy weather.

I depart today with a promise that my camera goes too. And I leave you with great anticipation of the miracle of the butterflies.


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