June 26, 2010

Waking at the Beach

I love the beach. The sound, the smell, the view. I love the changeable nature - the tide, shifting of the sand, a shell, a rock. The beach.
On Thursday, Mary suggested we drive down and join her at her family's beach house for the afternoon so we did. When we set out we had beach towels and a bag of fun groceries and pjs, for the drive home.
The kids swam and played beach badminton, we all ate beautiful pasta and haricot verts then swiftly dismissed the idea of going home, settled in to watch Chocolat and drank in this life before the ocean.
We took up space in a beautifully appointed bunkhouse. A room with three sets of white wood built-in bunk beds, each set with it's own Ralph Laurenesque bedding. I chose the vintage yellow, swiped a pillow from the missing bunkmate above and fell to sleep with the vague fragrance of saltwater on my skin.
My dear friend Mary is blessed in many, many ways. She comes from a big family where her mom and dad are to this day, each others best friend and romantic entanglement. She herself is quite crazy about her husband, and he her. She's interested, interesting, well-read and artistic in a range of executions. She's also a great friend with a the-more-the-merrier attitude about small and large gatherings.
After a morning's stroll along the beach searching for the right shaped rocks, we headed home along the coast highway. As we drove, we'd call each other to point out things along the way that related to our pasts or some delight we wanted the other to see.

This little trip over two days has become one of those reminders:

          Friendship is as essential as water.

June 25, 2010

Can you say, "Downtime?"

This year, summer is (very intentionally) more about downtime than camp after camp.

And boy is it fun. This kiddo, the Crazy Daisy, is dressed in knee socks, a bathing suit top over a t-shirt, kooky hair and stripey scarf. Beautiful on many levels.

I'm all for time on your hands.

The boy practices the horn and plays the guitar and is making movies with the neighbor buddy.

Rooms are shifting. Things are going out the front door and not returning. And we're ready for what's next.
Reading. Creating. Resting.

June 22, 2010

Summer Morning Dining

No pictures, just a note to self that breakfast doesn't have to happen in the starch and sugar box.

This morning a tender saute of red onion and spinach in a tiny teaspoon of coconut oil and topped with two poached eggs delighted eyes and taste buds.

A pinch of salt and a sprinkle of fresh lemon finished this plate full of beautiful, healthful eating.

June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day & Quotable Sunday

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
Sir Winston Churchill

It's a great day to celebrate the dads!
To our King of the Remote, Happy Father's Day!
Thanks for all you do to provide a bigger and more interesting world.

Thanks for:
  • being the one who gets up way before his wake-up time to move kiddos along 
  • making breakfast 
  • driving to school
  • working in the girlie's classroom now and again
  • loving movies
  • encouraging musicians, athletes and writers
  • loving Mom
  • driving to acting classes
  • sharing the load
  • teaching boys how to do laundry (many women do and will appreciate this!)
  • taking the family to LA landmarks
  • making sure we see stage plays
  • calling for lots of reading time
  • having an iPhone
  • being cool
There's much more. But this is a fine start of a list.
Happy Day Daddo!


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