January 11, 2010

Another's Creative Brilliance.

I love etsy.com and the population it features. I love the ideas and the creative productivity. And I love it when my needs and someone's brilliance meet. So, when COUNTRY LIVING hit my mailbox, and ecovintagevegan's lovely paper boxes were on the cover, my heart might have skipped a beat. I needed a new way to package the Christmas treats we share. I loved the cover full of fabulous boxes and read the short article and hurried to etsy to order. I was thrilled when the boxes arrived and even more thrilled when they perfectly housed the neighborhood cookies. This year we baked lots of different kinds, 1-2-3, Peanut Butter, Orange Meltaways, Chewy Chocolate Chip, et al and all of the same size. They fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y into the boxes. On their side. In stacks. Both. I had flexibility and lovely all at the same time. 
All in a box.
All because of someone else's brilliance and creativity. 

You'll find ecoveganvegetarian@ etsy.com and the exact listing for the boxes is:


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