April 16, 2010

The Group Event & The Name is Mom

Ok then, it was a week ago that the Topanga, Westlake, West LA and LB moms and kids converged on the Broadway Deli. Traffic got to some of us and we ate in hilarious shifts. First Joan and L. Then my kiddos, Dad and me. In comes Jem with M and H and finally, Michelle and the boys arrived. We talked and walked and talked and walked along the Santa Monica Promenade until Joan made us stop for gelato.
I can't tell you how much I love these women. They are individual and familiar and beautiful and so magnificently magical. Joan with a bit of Ireland in her voice and lyrical laugh. Jemma with the outright guffaw,  and the zest to just keep going until we can't. And Michelle, who laughs with her (still short) men while she stares down life's dragons and offers them her happy flash of a smile.
I'll tell you more about these moms in a few days.

I'm inviting them and you to participate in a fun Blog Event for the month of May (or before, it's your pleasure) called:

The Name is Mom.

Share your stories of your walk in momhood. What do you love? What surprised you? Share the ups and the downs. Share a moment. Share many moments. Pose a question. Talk about your favorite mom. Your mom. Your grandma. Tell how a mom changed you or how being a mom changed you. We can likely fill a whole month with wonderful stories. Write once or write every day. It's up to you.

Mary has designed a beautiful button which I'll make available.
Email me if you're in and off we go!
We'd love to have you.
Happy Mom Musings to you.


Kerry said...

It sounds like a wonderful time Vicki!
I'm in for at least a couple of mom posts a week. In fact, I already started on my first one with a thought that kept floating around my head. Thanks for hosting this and for your fabulous idea!

Joan said...

Vicki, I love the idea of the mom blog. Count me in.
Do I need to sign up to be part of the blog?
Love Joan

Jemma said...

They say that everyone in your life is there for a reason, no accidents.
That statement is no truer than when we are together, be it two, three or the magic of 5. There are no accidents here, our friendship spun into our souls where time is no keeper.I too love all of you. Thank you for being in my life on purpose- moms and friends.


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