June 09, 2010

In Search of Summer ~ The Summer To Do List ~ inspired by Mary

The summer list.

Plant a few things - keep the garden in flux.
Make the backyard even more of sitting space with planting pots and shades and music.
Read, read, read, read.
Do the big Bible study.
Enjoy lazy days.
Go to the beach, especially in the early morning and for the last hour before the big orange ball drops into the ocean.
Cook fresh fish just to finish from the grill.
Enjoy days of smoothies and only fresh, fresh fruits and veggies.
Unstuff each room - one at a time.
Read some more.
Take a few overnight trips from the very beginning.
See a national park.
Walk 150 miles before school starts again.
Make the picture framed jewelry board.
Sing loudly from the kitchen.
Love many moments.
Sip a lemonade.

I've really enjoyed this journey, welcoming summer. Thanks to Mary at The Yellow Door Paperie for hosting!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Such a great list!

Kerry said...

OOOOH! I love the list! I think I need one too. I could maybe just steal most of yours though! ;)

Vicki said...

You are always welcome to do so!
So far, I worked a half day today and couldn't get the BIG plastic box I wanted for clothes storage at Target. So I threw stuff away, finagled a bookshelf from my girlie's room and did a books and things vignette in my bedroom. I'm takin' back the land! And reading!


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