June 14, 2010

Almost summer and loving lots

I can say that I'm about a half day into summer and have found much intrigue in those Stieg Larsson books. I read THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO with the neighborhood book club. Fun. The book club that is. I'm new and we just ran through thought after thought on the writer, the characters and then, the confessions. One of us had read all three books in under a week. I almost set out for the neighborhood bookstore in my pjs at midnight because I wanted book two. (Didn't.) And we've agreed to meet in six weeks having read two and three.
So far, I like summer.

We've made roasted tomato salsa and had our first super yummy watermelon granita. Avocados are turning into guac and every chef in the house is making their favorite smoothie.

I'm listening to a lot of Sara Lindsay. Especially the songs Beautiful and Fall Kids. We're dancin'.

Oh yes, I'm liking summer.

I also have a notion for a book. Summer is a good time to incubate a notion for a book.
A little sun, a little water and the idea might just turn into pages.

And one last thing, the teenager and the sistersoo are fully invested (again) in the Next Food Network Star.

Summer. Its a good thing.

Then, the final last thing: Mary and Marj and I are sitting in the front yard garden a lot. We think we're on the cape. Even if I've never been there. This means connecting with lots of neighbors - especially the ones we don't all know.

Ah, summer.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Summer, summer fun! I love Next Food Network Star myself! And those books are on my list. I wonder if I can get my book club to read them? Off to work on my book club book in just a bit.
Ah summer, glorious!


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