July 14, 2011

Fanny. A curious cat, indeed.

Well, there we were enjoying a front yard barbecue when Fanny, the cat, came upon the condensation dripping from the ice bucket. This is a neighborhood party we enjoyed a week or so ago. And yes, I'll share much more about the fun we have making delicious foods for the grill and the plate. But I simply must share Fanny.

She's a funny cat. I don't qualify as a cat lover. I have, however, loved a couple of cats in my life and Fanny is one of them. (I like the T.S. Elliot kitties, too.) When we have coffee in the garden, she pops out of the front door (or comes out through the window) and joins we gals. On occasion, she's crossed the street and gone two doors down to sit on my front lawn, either waiting or observing. (My big dog is not happy about this.) When you don't acknowledge her, she might hit you. She also marvels at things. You can see her wheels turning. So, this experience was very funny. She walked up onto the porch and found herself under the little table. She felt a drop or two of water on her head and instead of bolting, like most cats, she simply surveyed and finally just drank the drops as they fell on her.

You can't imagine how much fun it is to watch her shenanigans. Unless you're a cat lover. In which case, she's very likely winking at you.

July 11, 2011

Out of context and yet, lovely

The other night I looked out on my neighbor's yard and saw this Liquid Amber leaf. Until the last week, our summer weather has been cool which makes me wonder, am I supposed to keep my thoughts on fall?

It makes sense.
Though I rebel terribly.

Let's go to the beach.
Shall we?


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