February 26, 2018

And, Natalia.

Natalia Lafourcade

Bob Boilen as been gracing the NPR airwaves with his brilliant series, Tiny Desk Concerts for about ten years. He gives us access along the way, to fabulous music in an intimate setting where we just about believe we're there. Adele, Ben Folds, Blue Man Group, Chance the Rapper, Suzanne Vega, and my new favorite, Vicente Garcia, all there.

I ended up in an interwebs rabbit hole listening to Natalia Lafourcade. That's her above and her music is delight and joy and collaborative.

There's a lot to share here.
Have fun.

February 25, 2018

Are you listening to Vicente Garcia?

Let's just enjoy this, shall we?
It may be 50 degrees and winter here in sunny Southern California, but the warm breeze is almost detectable. (Under the heater vents.)


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