One thing leads to another

Here's a little list of my inspiring thought starters.

A blank patch of dirt in the yard
A blank sheet of paper
A bowl of anemones - red and purple, please
A perfectly prepared scallop
A walk in San Francisco
Cuddling with my girlie
Dinner with my husband at Fora
Forest Home
Jazz from a trumpet
Jermiah Tower
Julia Child
Kid's ideas (especially those spoken circuitously)
Layers of color
Layers of texture
Listening to Jamo
Listening to Joni
Love Actually
Mary's kitchen table
MFK Fisher
My Dear
My family
My Red Bud trees - in each season
Peonies (why can't we grow them here??)
Philipians 4:6-7
Proverbs 3:5-6
Reasoning it out with Jemma
The lilt in Joan's laugh
The Prince of Tides (the book)
The ring of the phone
The whistle of a tea kettle
Tomatoes from your garden
Vacation Bible School
Words on a page


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