April 07, 2010

More Randomness - Ahh Spring.

I awoke this morning to heaps of cool air pouring over the open bedroom transom window and down onto my exposed feet. I quickly got up, covered up and then pokes a foot back out to soak it up. I love nothing more than a cold, white pillow case against my face. And apparently, a little breeze on the toes too. Ahh, Spring.

I was also met by the brilliant waft of Freesia fragrance, from the Freesia gracing my dining table and sending the "come breathe, slowly, deeply" message my way. Mine are long gone. These are white and light, light lavender. Big, huge Freesia. They were the one purchase I allowed myself to decorate the Easter table. (I have a box full of darling Easter specials to reuse, reuse, reuse.) But, I may just go right back to that overpriced market and buy another bunch. Ahh Spring.


Kerry said...

There is something so special about freesia! Beautiful!

Vicki said...

Special report: the (highly) overpriced market jacked up (yes, I said that) the price on the fancy Freesia after Easter, even. Shame on them. But boy, oh boy, are they loverly!

Anna said...

Freesia is one of my most favorite scents. I had them in my wedding bouquet.

So lovely!


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