May 20, 2010

Kohlrabi! Who knew?

Oh my, my! I just cut my first kohlrabi, this huge sputnik-looking veggie into pieces. What a revelation! Into my salad adding crunch and yum. Soon to be in the next salad I dream up.
Now, the sad truth is that I've spent many years avoiding the kohlrabi. (Someday there will be a revealing post on my mid-western grandmother's cooking and her penchant for white roots: turnips, parsnips, rutabaga and kohlrabi. My pre-teen heart could only say, "yuck!")

So here I find myself, thinking about kohlrabi.
With lemon, olive oil and a bit of Pecarino Reggiano.
Kohlrabi and fennel.
Kohlrabi, my new love.
All from a box of organic veggies, delivered by my Monday morning milk man.
Do you like kohlrabi?


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Kohlrabi is so awesome, my friend Lori (and a vendor at the local farmer's market with me) grows them and I can eat it by the pound. I just jullian it and use it in place of cabbage in everything. Great in stirfry too!

MSR said...

yes! Love it, just got some in our CSA basket this week. I've never had it before, and I'm in love!!

William O'Neill said...

I noticed in your post the word, "huge." Unless one has specifically selected a variety of kohlrabi made to grow to larger size, kohlrabi will tend to get a bit woody on the outside when the diameter is larger than 10 cm and certainly by 20cms. I too like kohlrabi, and use it in many things from salads to simply juiced with a parsnip, and apple, a little lettuce, and a carrot or two. Nice picture.


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