March 06, 2012

The phone stack

This is not my idea.

And I love it.

Parenting is a great job, but it isn't an easy job and with the rapid pace of changing technology, I'm working on guiding principles and good tactics at the same time. I work in analogies. So, if we didn't answer the phone during dinner before, the phone of the teen man doesn't belong near the dinner table. Check.

But then there's the restaurant meal, where different people have different levels of commitment to the party they attend. I don't really appreciate the phone checking and I don't want to do it. So Sunday when my eldest and I could steal away for a lunch, in a booth, in a restaurant, (ah! time alone with my boy) we picked up this idea:
the phone stack.

The phones piled upside down on top of each other and when they rang, they rang. We agreed that the first one to touch the phone had to pick up the check. They were out of order, away from touch, no sharing of YouTube videos, etc.

Lunch was delightful. And I gladly paid, just because I'm the mom.


Pj said...

Great idea! Kind of like those meditating stack of rocks! (I actually found your blog from Small is Beautiful..actually went through the first 200 ;) weeding out!)

Vicki said...

@Pj, cool! Thanks for the visit. I love the manifesto. Happy Weeding.


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