March 04, 2012

Oh! The Birdies

How could I have ever left this darling mug sitting on the Etsy shelf?
Catherine Reece's Etsy shop is a recent find. 
Whimsical pottery and a watercolor or two. 
You might need to go visit. 
I'm certainly glad I did!

BTW: Later in March, the ladies over at What Am I Cooking are focusing on coffee. We're planning on a fun time. Plan to join in?

1 comment:

Julie Reed said...

I love Etsy, and I find great unique things for the girls there... things that are definitely not primary-colored plastic, and that definitely don't make annoying noises when they hit special buttons. But I often forget to look around for myself, and I loved the ladybug plates on this gal's page! They cry out for a piece of cheesecake. They are favorite-ed, and one day when I am feeling frivolous and/or celebratory, they will be mine!


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