June 02, 2010

In Search of Summer ~ Muddled Lemonade

Consider the lemon.
Beautiful in color. Tart and refreshing in taste. Versatile as all get out.
Perhaps at it's best in a rich, tart lemonade. I like the kind that has a fair amount of body along with the flavor.
For me, one of the signs of summer is the refreshment found in a glass of lemonade.
Here's my favorite recipe:

Muddled Lemonade
8-12 lemons based on size (you'll be working to your taste)
1 1/4 cups sugar
4-6 cups water (four is tart and allows for melting ice cubes, six is a milder lemonade, five might just be perfection)
Muddle to your delight. (Smash the lemons with a potato masher, mixing the juices with the sugar) 4-5 minutes.
In two or three steps, remove the lemon rinds to a sieve or china cap. Press juices through. Dispose of rinds and seeds.
Finally, run remaining juice through the sieve if you like pulp free, or simply remove seeds.
Add water and, if you like, just a pinch of sea salt.
Breathe in.


Suzi said...

Can't wait to try it! I'll post my Vanilla Honey Lemonade on The Red Dog Blog later tonight. (YES, I WROTE VANILLA!)

Earth Mama said...

What a delicious lemonade recipe. My kids will love smaching the lemons up. We'll get ourselves some lemons and give it a go.


emily said...

sounds completely delicious and looks beautiful!! great shot!

Vicki said...

I'll add in, you can always mash some raspberries or strawberries into the mix too! Thanks for the kind words.


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