June 04, 2010

In Search of Summer ~ A Fruit Stand Stop on The Memorial Day Trip

We fought our way away from San Francisco on the 101 Highway toward Bodega Bay on Friday. After a couple of hours on the road we read a sign for CHERRIES -  $1 a box. So, the hungry, weary travelers we were, pulled off the road. My sonny boy grabbed a couple of dollars and headed to the canopies fruit stand for some deliciousness.
Well then, it turns out, these are the $4 boxes. The $1 boxes were very, very little with about 12 cherries. (Ah, 12 for a dollar would have made a good sign, too.)
See if you can find them on the table:
Ah, there's the little box -- way, way, way to the right tucked next to the apricots. Bait and switch at it's best. So, there we were with a mouthful of "Oh well!" as we snagged a box of deliciousness anyway.

You have to love the roadside stands.

The nectarines were hard as rocks, but irresistible too. They may be ready for lunches today.

I know there are many things to be done with cherries, but I almost never seem to get past the "bowl of cherries" point. Once in a while the red ones and the white ones make their way into a salad (after pitting them with my 1940's pitter) alongside blueberries and blackberries and a tart and mildly sweet yogurt sauce. Making it all the way to pie has never happened.

So tell me, please, what would you do with a basket or two of luscious summer cherries?


Imene said...

I want cherries NOW!!! I love the pictures!

Kerry said...

Man, those fruit stands in California are something else. We have to be content with melons, berries, and our "almost fruit" rhubarb as our local fruits here in MN. We had some of those cherries on our trip... so much better than the ones in the supermarket here!


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