July 03, 2011

A Garden Party

Tonight the neighbors will gather on the lawn at John & Mary's for a pre-4th celebration. John will haul his barbecue from the backyard out to the driveway and the various sons will set up tables and chairs. Mary and Marjorie and I will bring out the linens and things and candles, candles, candles and voila! The 3rd of July.

We'll have lots of kids from 6 to 22 and plenty of loud fun.

Mary's yard has a fabulous peach tree that calls for summer enjoyment. We sit under it on weekend mornings for coffee and chatting. It's the relaxing time in my week.

Tonight, each family will bring their own meat and two other contributions. So, I'm thinking of making this Skirt Steak with Chimichuri. My girlie wants Opa Fish and she wants to whip up Aunt Nancy's Apple Pie in a Brown Paper Bag and Aunt Margaret's World Famous Potato Salad.

I have some beautiful Angelcots from Frieda's and think there's an Angelcot tart coming our way. Angelcots might be the perfect apricot. They're new to me and apparently available for a very short window at Ralph's and Trader Joe's. They are white and sweet with a delicate apricot flavor and also a hint of a buttery flavor. I think they'll be wonderful with a pate sucre or puffed pastry and a little creme Anglaise. (You'll find all these recipes and pix over at What Am I Cooking? later in the week. My other darling Mary-friend has a rhubarb sangia recipe up now. Yum. Yum.)

So we will enjoy. And hope your 4th celebrations are great.

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