July 10, 2014

Altoids Traveling Watercolor Paints!

Usually I go to the Art Store with my dear husband. He's happy to wander with me supporting my love of supplies. I'm happy to have him there and without saying a word, he's my Jiminy Cricket keeping me from potential overspending.

Well, I went by myself this week. During the day. Alone. And what happened? Well, I ended up with a follower, an artist guy looking for my expert opinion. I kept using the word novice and he kept asking questions. Before I meandered off without my paper he asked if I'd made an Altoids Travel pan. Well, no, I have a little travel set, but I heard him out. Upcycler that I am. Kinda.

Today curiosity got the very best of me and I found that unfinished box of Dark Chocolate Dipped Peppermints (ick - what were they thinking?)

Well, voila! The upcycled travel pan. I bet you could even add six more lids to the top and just close it when they dry. 

So, whadaya think?

What are you making?

I'm going back to my balloon page.

Oh, and thank you art guy. Hope you found that paper for landscapes.


Jeff said...

I think he was looking for a little more than your "expert opinion", but that may be a whole other post.

Say It In Color said...

OH YAY!! I was hoping someone would try the lids....I found a long skinny tin today! I want to fix it for my grand daughter, as she can't afford the expensive kind yet!!

Vicki said...

Oh dear Say It In Color - I love this. I bet we could fit these new shorter waterbottle lids in an old kid paint pan!


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