July 08, 2014


In my Sketchbookery class, we did a complete page. What fun! 
I'm reaching back into my pre-kiddos days when I used to lug a sketch pad on airplanes and draw whatever I saw: ice in glasses, table settings, food and when that was over, shoes and feet. 
I'd forgotten I'd even done that. 
My dear reminded me that I used to sit and contour draw on our apartment floor. 
And now there's color. 

Our teacher, Mary Ann Moss, did a fun strawberry study. I'm super grateful my boyo is so very into peaches. I had a whole box to choose from. 

And, surprisingly, all the colors were just, well, there. 


Jeff said...

When you have your first gallery showing, I'd like to choose the wine. Perhaps a nice Malbec?

Vicki said...



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