July 03, 2014

More watercolor exploring -- the napkin

Inspired by Mary Ann Moss from her blog post and the "just do it" concept, I grabbed my favorite Ralph Lauren napkin and painted it.

I noticed two things:
First, fear and perfection will stop you before you ever begin anything.
Second, I can see and feel improvement as I go. This is the joy of the novice learning curve.

I've had these napkins for 24 years. (Really?) My good friend Michelle Purcell and I share a penchant for cloth napkins. I decided only table linens I love will end up in the drawer. These look pretty happy on a white (or blue or beige linen) tablecloth. And I eagerly await spring and summer, when they grace the table often.

Now, they're a part of my sketchbook for this class. Front page.

Ralph Lauren has created some truly beautiful floral patterns. I realize now that I was drawn to his linens because of their artistic quality -- not because of the high end label.

My favorite part

Eons ago I fell in love with this black comforter cover RL designed.

I still own it, even though it's a queen and I live with a king*. There's some creative stitchery coming to make it a part of my duvet rotation. But in the days I first saw it, I was in Maine at the RL store when a fellow shopper explained why RL's fabrics are so superior. Apparently he goes to great lengths to design and properly dye threads, applying color several times.

This is why the colors are so true and rich and hold so long. This is also why they sell on eBay as very rare finds, commanding good $$. I took my own pillow covered in RL's Alison print both times I birthed my babies and I love looking at the beauty they added to our happy hospital rooms. 

I'm connecting more deeply to the why of my proclivity. 
More painting to follow. 
The fun begins!

*Hi Dear.

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