June 28, 2011

The September Issue & Anna Wintour

Over the last few days I've been taking bites out of a documentary I quite enjoyed: The September Issue - Anna Wintour & the making of VOGUE. I'd started by trying to watch The Devil Wears Prada and had the kind folks at Netflix suggest I watch this. I've loved it. Such an interesting look at how an issue -- the big September issue -- of VOGUE is produced. And there was quite a stunning contrast to the fictionalized story in The Devil Wears Prada. Watching Meryl Streep in her turn as the Wintouresque mag editor was such fun but I certainly didn't get the work ethic and pure sense of dedication to perfection I saw in the actual Ms. Wintour.

I plan to watch it again, and thoroughly digest it, but from my first viewing, I walked away with a few of distinct notions:

Wintour is fully dedicated to fashion and the success of her magazine.
Wintour embraces her decisive ability.
Not everyone who works and lives in fashion is glamorous and young. In fact, the woman who stole my heart throughout the piece is Grace Coddington who is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful but neither of the former. Just magnificent and talented and wildly creative and, well, wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised. Enthused and inspired even.

If you care about fashion at all, I recommend you take a peak at it.

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