July 24, 2011

The Ceiling of Complexity

I'm learning a little about this concept - the Ceiling of Complexity. From what I've read, it has to do with the number of things we have on our plate and the way they match up with our strengths. When we hit the ceiling, it's often related to a) too much and b) a weakness. In business, we're best working in our strengths and delegating the weaknesses.
At home, if you're the wife or mother, you just keep folding laundry and reorganizing the _______ (insert your favorite, pantry? refrig? sock drawer? car, where your children leave their socks?)
So, my regretful frustration (and attendant crabbiness) is due to the ceiling. I need to hire an underling to clean up after my kitchen extravaganzas and to pick up and to make coffee when I just need to work in my strengths: writing, painting, blogging, decorating the mantle, gardening. Ah ha!
There's something here, I don't know quite what yet, but it begins with addressing what I've put on my plate.
Today it includes a little garage clean out.

How's your ceiling?

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