July 23, 2011

A very Big Rush

My youngest asked me in passing a few days ago, if we could get tickets to see Big Time Rush in concert.

I have to say, the fact that the TV show boy band was touring (or really sang on stages) was nowhere near my radar. But we were alone for the weekend and absolutely free on Friday night. So, (with visions of boy bands gone by dancing in my head) my fingers walked the internet and I found a pair of tickets.

There are many joys in momhood and one of the big ones is truly surprising your kiddos. I downloaded the tickets and put them in my laptop bag. And then I waited for the ceremonial asking of the question - again.

A day later, she came through. We were ending our day when she said with just a hint of a whine in her voice,  "Mom, is there any way we could look on Craig's List or anything for tickets, I'd really like to see the concert." I asked her when the concert was - she said Friday - I handed her the pages I'd printed out, saying, "Read this, I think it says something about Saturday." It took her a few minutes to connect to what the pages were and then the shocked smile and "REALLY? WE'RE GOING?" Oh, yes.

So we went. We had fabulous orchestra seats amongst 12,000 screaming girls, parents and the occasional kid brother. It was great fun. The boys work really hard and put on a great show. They're well choreographed, but casual and they have tons of personality. But enough about them, the real show was watching my girlie as she kept mentally pinching herself, video taping with her iPod, singing with the boys and saying "Thank you Mommie, this is the best!" We sang along, jumped and clapped to our delight.

A couple of times it really struck me - these moments are few and far between and mark her stepping into the hallway of the teen years. Gratefully, we took the step together. My ears are ringing but as you might imagine, if was quite the rush.

Now, it's off to download the new song and the wallpaper.

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