January 17, 2011

Tonight? Romanesco.

I'll dispense with the, "why, your cauliflower looks like a horny toad!" comments and skip right to this. I'll slice it and toss it with olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Pop it in a 350 oven and let it roast until it begins to caramelize. Then, for the last 5 minutes, I'll add minced garlic, a clove or two, and Romanesco, here we come.

Tonight, it will sit next to a turkey breast with a mild cranberry stuffing and some roasted winter carrots.

I'm looking forward to dinner.

Have you tried this crazy looking veggie?


Kerry said...

1. Yum!

2. Really awesome looking.

3. Gorgeous new look for the blog!

Vicki said...

Oh thank you my friend!


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