April 27, 2010

Someone else's son & Cheesy Potatoes ~ The Name is Mom

Somewhere in this mass of football men is my sweet friend Rene's middle boy. His name is Tanner and he"s a fabulous kid. Smart, sweet, athletic, musical and rather random in his choice of conversational subject matter. I adore him. My kiddos look up to him. And he has two brothers, equally cool in their own styles.
This weekend Tanner really tickled me. His mom is going through a rather rough patch and it includes tending to her dad as he faces a terminal illness. Rene's a giving gal and her dad is with her at their home. Sunday she was MIA at church and just after the music started, T, as we love to call him, came and sat with us. I asked where his mom was and he let me know she was taking care of Grandpa. Somewhere in the middle of the service, I put my arm around him, rubbed his back and  asked him which night this week would be good to fix dinner for his family. (This would include his taller, younger, angel brother Kabee.) We negotiated the date and just before we headed out for the morning I began to suggest what I'd make. He cut me off swiftly and asked for Cheesy Potatoes and asparagus. I said sure and off we went. Cheesy Potatoes?  I immediately texted Rene in a slight panic. What are these potatoes and can I have the recipe? It turns out, they're a favorite from our other friend, Lori's mom. Note well all the mom connections.  These are the comfort food of comfort foods shared between families who love each other well. (I'll post the recipe below.)
Tanner went home and let his mom know I'd bring dinner over on Wednesday and that I was making Cheesy Potatoes. A very happy guy indeed. He needed a favorite food and found a mom who'd take care of it.
I'm thrilled to have the recipe - the favorite of big boys I love and I"m quite sure that when I make it for my kiddos, they'll become an adopted family tradition.
Yet another reason to love being a mom: I'm surrounded by other women whose name is Mom. 'Moms with wonderful kids, wonderful traditions and wonderful love.

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Suzi said...

The recipe is missing one very important ingredient -- a RIB SPREADER!

I LOVE THESE. (Remember the wisdom of Shakira: Hips don't lie.)


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