February 04, 2010

I Love:: Four ~ The Man in My Life.

I certainly would have liked to save the I Love My Husband idea for Valentine's Day. But I simply can't wait that long. When I think of the things I love right here on earth, he is first in line. The man at my side, the one who knows and loves me in all the various possibilities. Richer, poorer, better, worse, etc. My life's experience is bigger because he asked me to have lunch with him that particular day. I was decidedly intrigued by this handsome guy who was decidedly uncommon. We only had two overlapping artists in our album collections. (He still takes me to see James Taylor.) I remain captivated by his dedication to finding new things to add to our family's cultural horizon and rely on his loyalty and love for the old things too (me, San Francisco, Bruce Springsteen). I also love his wisdom, foresight, heart and the fact that he makes me laugh. Hard. So there. I said it, earlier than I planned. I LOVE:: My Dear Husband.


Rae said...

I enjoy a good love story!

Jeff said...

And I love my beautiful wife. I'd marry you again tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.


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