February 03, 2010

I Love:: One ~ the tree outside my window.

Every year in winter, January to be specific, the tree outside my office window provides the most glorious show of color and change. Within just about 8 days, the leaves on this tree turn from green to a wildly bright yellow and fall, like rain from the branches to the grass below. The contrasts, start to finish, green to yellow, yellow against the blue sky, yellow against the green grass, yellow to brown and crunchy, are magnificent. 
If you came to look with me, this majestic tree would rain it's leaves down on you in some kind of grateful giving as you, too, admired the mystery of the handiwork. This tree has been in it's place for probably 50 years. 
I've only been be benefactor for 2.
I love noticing what is there is to be noticed.

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