February 10, 2010

I Love:: Ten ~ The early morning.

Before most of the people I love are up. I am. It has been like this for most of my life. Early. Alone. The early bird. My dad was like this too. Earlier even than I. Early to rise. In the peaceful, stillness of morning. To me an enticing time. Wondering about the day. My ritual varies. Quiet. Coffee. A step into the yard. Time with God. A fire. Then, as the house opens to the day, my son will sometimes join me. Not my girlie. The dog tries. But he just moves from one bed to his living room spot and drifts back to sleep. My husband, like many of my other favorite people are more apt to enjoy late night but that is their story. 
Mine is about the joy of dawn and before.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Oh, I used to be a morning person... now my little darlings are morning people and I am a night owl. I think it is a need for my own time. Someday I know I'll be back to those peaceful early morning hours. I love the photo. Gorgeous colors!


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