February 09, 2010

I Love:: Nine ~ Daydreaming

Oh yes. It began way back then. As seen in the living room at Gommie and Gramp's. The blank stare.

I'll guess it was my birthday - seeing that I'm wearing the fancy corduroy jumpsuit and my first bracelet. Mom's tan, so I likely have the month right. But none of this matters, because I'm daydreaming. Off in the blank stare space, in some childhood meditation. The peaceful place. Can you hear my mom? Wouldn't she love my attention? Soon she'll check to see if I'm breathing. Or not, because she knows me and she knows I'm -- daydreaming. Transfixed on nothing.
It's good. Especially now, when I'm thinking about something particularly think worthy. One eye drifts out of alignment and the focus just doesn't require vision. It's a dream. I consider and I don't, but in that quiet place of non-topical musing, whilst in the fog, peace and calm overcome.
And sometimes, I'm just thinking about shoes.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

What a funny post! I love the picture but your description really makes it! Daydreamers of the world, unite!


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