February 11, 2010

I Love:: Eleven ~ My son's blog.

There are so many joys being a mom. For me they started with washing the little teeny socks before my boy was born. And sorting through the sweetest hand-me-overs loaned for my lovely girl. There are the walks and the talks. The games of catch. The learning to's. The performances, the grades. And there are the leaps. The views from the sidelines. My boy loves movies and, inspired by the sound of fingers on a keyboard, has been inspired to start his own blog - about movies. I'm quite proud to be blogging right next to him.

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Kerry said...

Oh Vicki, usually when I see teenage boys, or hear or read about what they are up to, I feel sad. I worry about how I will stay connected to my little guy as he grows into a young man. Wow, I am blown away by James' site. He is so very thoughtful and what a great writer too! I am looking forward to heading back over and making a little list of must-see movies based on his recommendations. I love that he has reviewed such a variety of films and thinks critically about them and not just through his 13-year-old-boy eyes. You must be doing a great job mama! Now, write down all your secrets and send them to me! Hey, I just realized that my Henry and Nora are just about the same age spread as your kiddos.


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