July 09, 2012

Time away

Do you ever just fade a bit?

I notice that when the busyness of what I have to do demands more of me that I expect, I leave a little. I step away from the things that might be essentially me. Things like quiet and words. I press on. Work hard. Keep going. But I do it out of resources that are replenished by other processes. Not by consuming so much. I think it has little to do with the mindless consuming I can meander through. But I seem to be refreshed in the flashing of fingers on the keyboard or the squiggles that come from my pen in morning pages.

I like coming back into focus.
And taking on the wild things that are, of course, a part of life.
Wild and busy things.

Ah, what grace is found in language.
Even and most probably the unspoken.

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