February 09, 2011

February 9 - I Love:: The artist in my midst

Birds on a wire or in a tree set my heart to dancing.
Can't explain it, it's just the way I work.
On the way to school, there's an intersection where tons of birds congregate.
I look forward to seeing them. I comment. I swoon.
So at Christmas time, my girlie made an appointment with an art teacher to provide me with an everlasting impression of the thing I love: my birds.
This is just a piece of the picture.
She brings me such delight.


Joan Duff said...

Wait....hold on.. I need the full story to this one, your Sarah made an appointment with her art teacher to go and take this picture and gave you the picture for Christmas?

Vicki said...

Not exactly, but close. She took art lessons for a year or so. At Christmas, she had me make an appointment for 1 1/2 hours because she had a present to paint. I was to believe it was for her daddy. We both got paintings and mine was of my "Bellflower Birds."
Pretty sweet, eh?


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