September 29, 2012

I know!

Well, where have you been?

I've been off making decisions:

1)  I won't work with landscapers who won't provide drawings and spend the time with me to talk through the details. (There's a backstory about a well-spoken creative guy who, when bidding to fix our tree root problems, suggested a cut out in our bricked flower bed to create a sitting area. The dot, dot, dot is that after his "team" did the work and then immediately took it out, so I would stop screaming and crying, our long time and trusted friend and masonry artist, came to my rescue. When the space is complete, I will share pics.)

2) I will, after #1, remember that when something is done wrong, and you're paying for it, you should be sure that it's done right. I will always remember not to let my thoughts run wild with, "It's my fault. I should have made him give me more detail. I should have been here when they were putting tiles in without grout and cut them into tiny squares when the email said 24 inches." And I will listen to my husband, and thank God for him, when he says he's going to be sure I have what I asked for.

3) Time spent with this doggy is all good. This is him, literally, cheering when I came in from moving the car yesterday morning. He reads feet and noticed I wasn't wearing shoes. A clue that work was out and time together was in. Happy, talking guy.

4) Writing morning pages is essential and so is time in the Word.
I have to get up at 5:00.

5) Loving what you have is good. (I have more than I need anyway.)

6) Mason jars are a very fun rage right now and dinners with loads of Mason Jars with candles are full of retro-cheer.  Picture credit: Diane Jensen, New Parent Welcome Dinner 2012.

7) I won't be buying any new votive holders this Fall-into-Christmas season. Even the ones calling out my name at Anthropology.

Not this.

Or this.

Or (so sadly) this.

I have a drawer -full. Oh! and all those Mason Jars.

8) Pastor's don't always stay at churches. But God never leaves and neither does His Spirit, when we graciously ask Him in. I need to keep my searching eyes on what God is doing more than who is doing.

9) I'm going to see more movies. Movie dates with my boyfriend are essential. So are dates with my husband. He's been both for 20 over years.

10) I will enjoy caught-up sighs when they come. (See #9.)

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