February 05, 2011

February 5 - I Love:: Game Night

God bless her! That girl loves cards.

My mom is a member of her church seniors club. They gather every week to sing and pray and then the whip out the cards. Her gals are particularly fond of Skip Bo. And Mom's a bit of a card sharp. In fact, this is the way I picture the ladies as they sit looking innocent enough, in their 70s and 80s. I doubt that they cheat, or play for money or anything like that, but Mom will never lose a game because she isn't paying attention. She's always all there and all in.

So last night, with  one man down, while my eldest was off with his youth group for an overnight at their leader's college dorm. (Watch Mommie breathing.) Grandma came for dinner and brought her favorite game. Skip Bo. After dinner, we headed to the dining room table for what I like to consider the bloodbath. My daughter has a few of my mom's traits and one of them is attention and focus on whatever is at hand. She's a good card player and actually takes a fairly aggressive stance - intending to win. So the cute little Skip Bo cards become tools, weapons even in their hands. My mother and daughter in cahoots. Each winning a couple of games a piece while my Dear caught up on a show in the man cave and I sat at their mercy, wondering how I'm supposed to know when to fill my hand with the five cards. Cute little colorful cards -- producing winners and losers and tons of giggles.

I love game night. It's just so wonderful to soak in all the family I can get.
My tank is quite full thank you!

What are your favorite games?

1 comment:

Kerry said...

My mom and I played Skip-Bo ALL the time! I'm also partial to a good game of Rummikub, Yhatzee, and lately, Boggle. My boyo's favorite game is Brown Bear, Panda Bear... an Eric Carle game.


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