February 02, 2011

February 2 - I Love:: The Real Mr. Incredible

Who doesn't love this aging superhero? Throughout the Incredibles, Mr. Incredible (or as we call him in our house, the other Mr. Incredible) shows that combination of determination, strength and vulnerability that makes him a pretty lovable guy.

Monday, on an off day for school and a quiet day at  Disney's California Adventure, I encountered the real Mr. Incredible.

Without the throngs there for pictures, he was able to demonstrate something that surprised and thrilled me. 
There was a little girl with long black hair in a wheelchair. She appeared to be challenged beyond the chair. 
Mr. Incredible noticed her.
He walked near to hear and then got down on one knee. 
He offered his hand. And in that wordless character communication, he said volumes to her heart, as evidenced in her struggling hand reaching out to him. She smiled. He came closer. And she bowed her head to lean into his chest. He leaned in too. For a moment the kindness and love expressed was brilliant and tender and personal. 

I'd decided to forgo a ride for a chance to sit and observe. I received the best gift -- a warmed heart through an incredible encounter.

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