March 20, 2010

Satisfaction Saturday March ~ 20 ~ A melange of unrelated joys

I have experienced brilliance this week:
An early March rose in bloom right there in my own backyard. (It's above and from the looks of it, it's Russel's Cottage - a tall, old, floribunda).
A surprise lasagna dinner made my dear friend, Cyndie, complete with salad, dessert and the Abercrombie and Fitch bag with the 6 pack torso guy. (He made a nice centerpiece for the table.)  A tremedously thoughtful gift while I'm still without much use of my right arm.
A fabulous school production of set pieces from Broadway Shows. Both my teen man and chickadee participate. One is a technician and in it for the fun and friends. The other really should have just been born on stage instead of the hospital. He's more comfortable there than any where in the world. I just fill with joy when I watch 200 kids enjoying a professional theatre experience they're in and giving their all to an adoring audience.
And finally, a little realizing that, for someone so dedicated to noticing and searching for connection in things, I might move a lot faster through life than I thought I did, figuratively speaking of course. My prescribed down time has lead me to breathe a little more deeply, see things I hadn't noticed, wonder how certain things crept into my life and home. All a welcomed opportunity to recast the setting and vision.

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