June 17, 2011

Family Royalty - Sandra Hubbell Sanders

For me it will always be true that this woman, my Aunt Sandy, is the most beautiful woman in the world.

As a little girl she was family royalty. My lovely aunt with smiles and hugs and fun and the very best handwriting.

When I was a teenager she was the girl I wanted to look like. When I became a mom she's the one who notices a few grays after I had my son and told me to color it. (No boy should have a gray mom.) I took her advice, copied her handwriting (for a while) and took on all the joy she shared with me.

I'm sad to say, she passed away a week ago in her beloved San Juan Islands.

I like to think she's having tea with Lady Di, Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis and her USC Delta Gamma sorority sisters.

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