June 24, 2011

I love a good movie.

Short and sweet two fab and one fun movie. In order?

Super 8
Midnight in Paris
Mr. Popper's Penguins

So, Super 8.
Love, love, love. I am not a middle school aged girl (or boy) but I was right in there with them, enjoying every move they chose. I'd see it again and then again. Here's a review from the reviewer I adore.

Next? Midnight in Paris.
There are definitely words to describe Woody Allen's brilliance, his faithfulness to the art, his dependable humor. But most always, I find myself just with him, enjoying where he's taking me in New York. But here we are, in Paris. And it's almost like he's cheating on New York. Then again, Paris and New York can often feel like the moveable centers of the universe, now can't they?

From the opening and establishing scenes that are like a photo journal of the beautiful city, Midnight in Paris is beautiful and fun and funny and so very thoughtful. Allen is true to the form I've loved in so many of his movies. I was moved many times and don't want to tell you one more thing except perhaps, "See it." And then of course, "I need to book a ticket for Paris immediately. My friend Janice is living there now and I'm all the more in with her in her travels. You can follow her at her blog. (Her writing is fun and inviting and wonderful.)

And finally, Poppers.
I went with my kiddos. The youngest drove the decision and it looked like it would be fun. I kept my expectations low because, well, Jim Carey can sometimes be just a tad bit over the top. I'm just sayin'. But it was quite a pleasant surprise. Penguins who communicated and didn't talk. Carey with lots of range and a very endearing turn. Cute kids and good silliness.
I'll see it again when it comes to a TV near me. It's recommendable.

Now, go see a movie! And let me know about your faves! 


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Annie Hall is on my top five list. I'd love to see Midnight in Paris!

Vicki said...

I say go. You'll just love wallowing in his brilliance.


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