February 26, 2011

February 26 - I Love:: My Heart Necklace

Nine years ago my girlfriend and I took a summer driving trip with our kiddos up the coast of California to our other friend's house in St. Helena. As the warm summer days presented, we shared lots of laughter and walks and trips to the country club pool. We dined and shopped and on the second day or so this necklace caught my eye. The language, the weight, even the length of the chain spoke to me. 

I toyed with buying it. And on the very last day, my pal, Jemma, got us into the car and took us back to the store. She urged me to consider the value of this one purchase vs. the several souvenirs I could buy. She pushed the concept of the lasting value of something like this that touched me so deeply. 

I've worn it most days ever since. 

Sometimes I listen and I'm blessed.

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