February 18, 2011

February 19 - I Love:: Sleeping In

I never do it.
But it sounds so luscious. I'm up before the sun and every now and then I have a second sleep. When I went to bed last night I fully intended to sleep til 7:00. Ahhh. But alas, I, once again, have been up since dark thirty. I miss my pillows.

I need to carry on a bit here. Largely because I noticed in the last couple of years that I, who could fall asleep on an ironing board, always-falls-asleep on an airplane and very often put the seat back to bag a few zzzs while my Dear drove us home from the theater, have lost the art. I sleep, but not in that, any-time-anywhere-and-way-deep way. I wake up too often, not fully, well, done.

Some of it might be that eager-to-start-the-day business, but some of it is, stress and (shhhh!) age. There. I said it. Stress and age. Now, I'll have to ramp up my awareness of stressors and hmmm, do nothing about the age thing. It is what it is.

How about you?

These pillow cases, by the by, are available on Etsy. I love the Alison print by Ralph. So much that I took pillows like these (but without the cute lace) to the hospital when each of my babies were born. I was actually thinking about how they'd be a piece of home for me,  lovely for the pictures and one of those things my kids would and do notice.

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