October 09, 2010

Saturday in the garden

I love fall and I love my time in the garden. Right now, that time is a bit too limited for my taste. We're all back to work and back to schoolish here. That mode seems to have brought with it the practices and meetings and evening events that have muscled their way into onto my summer's once free flowing calendar.

It could be that the once free flowing calendar was a figment of a summer dream. 

It maybe lasted a couple of weeks, but I really liked it and prefer to think of it as a more permanent way of life. Isn't denial lovely?

But I digress. Today I'll spend a while pruning in my garden. It's time for some fall cut back, but I'm a bit reluctant when the Scabiosas, which have been producing since February, continue delighting.

And then, this summer beauty has more to offer in continuing blooms.

Still, I'm going in.

October has many more delights, the salvia is blooming and the Amemonies are just about to grace the yard. It's time to make way for what's coming and the anticipation of the inevitable pleasures a change of season brings.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Oh that leaf! I LOVE it!


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