October 08, 2010

Food Friday - My favorite Vinaigrette - oh, but I repeat myself

Last night I shared dinner with my lovely friends. Our topic is Simplicity for the Soul, so, I brought a simple salad (see what I did there?) I tossed a little arugula, baby greens, a firm, chopped Ricotta Salata and Heirloom Tomatoes. And topped it with my favorite Dijon Vinaigrette and was reminded, this recipe truly is perfection. If all you have to keep in your pantry is Grey Poupon, Apple Cider Vinegar and good, rich, extra virgin olive oil, you'll never have to buy dressing. Ever. In your life. Pretty pure and pretty yummy. It's also quite versatile.

Here's a link to the recipe for Sheri and I'll recommend these variations:
  • Switch vinegars to Rice Wine vinegar, it's milder, tender and subtle, doesn't require so much of the salad
  • Throw in pico de gallo for a Mexicany flavor (crush tortilla chips and add avocados to the salad - it's also good as a French dip for tortilla chips)
  • Pour it over the Cafe Un Deux Trois  salad: romaine, chopped Granny Smith apples, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese (I beg you, hand crumble, the ready-crumbled stuff has a powdery texture). I note they now serve this with endive, but the original recipe was with romaine. It has a good crisp bite.
Do you have a favorite, workhorse dressing?
    This pretty salad is found here. I sure wish they had a location on the left coast.

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      Suz said...

      I'll bet you knew I had a couple go tos!

      Lemon Dressing:
      Zest of one lemon
      Juice of one lemon
      1/2 tsp sugar or a squirt of honey, if you're lemon's a little puckery.
      olive oil
      you can certainly add a tsp of dijon if you want that perfect emulsion, but I usually don't.
      This great over spinach -- raw or cooked! And it's also great over PASTA, e.g. orzo + dried cherries + spinach or arugala.

      Add Rosemary and Garlic to the party, and it's AWESOME as a chicken marinade!

      The other one is:
      Balsamic vinegar
      Olive Oil
      Again, add the dijon if you'd like.

      Why no measurements... I freestyle quite a bit and am usually making SMALL batches. Usually a vinigrette is 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.

      ALSO, VG -- Try adding a 1/2 tsp of Roasted Sesame Oil (it's potent stuff!) to your recipe for a great Asian dressing.
      You may even swap the salt for soy sauce!

      Add a bit more soy and a tsp of honey and you have another great glaze for chicken, beef and pork!


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