June 30, 2010

The Girl of 1000 Chopsticks

We had sushi at Awesome Sushi on Saturday.
May I say, it was AWESOME.
We even started with the an awesome roll called the Awesome Roll.
Ok with the awesome already. It was really good.
Now, this was a girls' day out. Five lovely ladies with well-manicured nails at a table in this awesome place (yes).
This particular lovely lady (occasionally referred to lovingly by her mother as, "the cat" for her stealthy movements about the house and perimeter) seemed to have trouble keeping a chopstick either in her hand or on the table. The scores of chopsticks hitting the ground began to sound like (awesome) music.
We all giggled and swiftly gave her the new (oh yes, and awesome) nickname:
The Girl of a Thousand Chopsticks.
We love her in all her pensive, delicate, sweet, catlike, chopstick-dropping, ways.
She's, well, awesome.

A little post script: if you ever find yourself in this area, you might not notice or think of trying Awesome Sushi. It's in a funny setting, next to a smog certification store and a tutoring center. I didn't go, it just seemed like the wrong position (juxtaposition actually). But my lovely friend Marjorie wasn't daunted by the out of place nature of the yummiest of sushi and recommended it. Don't miss it. It's imaginative and delicious and in my top three on this coast.

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