May 07, 2010


Last night as I was zipping down the street in my husband's loaner fancy, bells and whistles car, I was halted by a voice of authority.
She, who used to by my baby and is a rule follower and breaker with the best of them, was on me.
"Really Mommie, with your shoulder, I think you should be more careful. After all, this is a brand new car and not even ours. Daddy says you're supposed to have your hands and 9 and 3. I'll feel much safer too.
Can we listen to Radio Disney now?"
Yikes. When we finally got to a stop light I looked at her and began to rethink the Tuesday afternoon visits to grandma's she lives for.  I also wondered why my daughter was bossing me around. Then it occurred to me, that she sounded like a control freak of sorts. Kinda. Sorta.
Or was it concern about her mom?
I gently reminded her of my excellent driving record and mentioned I don't want her to be too concerned for me. She's free to be a happy little/big girl who can be free as a bird because her mom is really good at the mom stuff.
She laughed and relaxed her shoulders.

When we got home she donned her pjs and came into my room where I had the TV to myself (a yearly event) and was watching some grown up show. When she toodled in too say g'night she climbed in next to me for a kiss and a cuddle. Then looked at the TV and authoritatively informed me she's not supposed to watch this program. (Which I don't even need to tell you, I was never going to allow anyway!)
Oh, my.
Did I sound defensive there?
Maybe it's because it seems I'm moving to power struggle battle stations.
Time for a visit  to the bookshelf for: THE  EVERYTHING TWEEN BOOK, SHEPHERDING A CHILD'S HEART and maybe to the store for Dr. Dobson's book on raising girls.
Looks like we're coming to a crossroads.
I'll go, scratching my head. Really, already?

When they say a woman's work is never done, they are referencing moments like these.
A mom doesn't really rest too much when her kids are the subject. There's something important coming around the bend. More to be learned. More to the path.
And even with the somewhat bossy miss currently at my side, I wouldn't wish to (sleep in and then) wake up to any other occupation.
I do love the mom journey.


Kerry said...

Oh my! Yes, there are bends and twists and turns in this winding road of motherhood. Some days the road feels so much longer than others.

Suzi said...

EXCELLENT PIECE! I remember when my mom used to work the 3-11 p shift at CHOC. I was "programmed" to wake up when she walked in. I'd watch -- wait for the reference -- Johnny Carson's monologue with her then back to bed. The best days were her days off!


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