May 09, 2010

The Happy Mother's Day Mom ~ The Name is Mom

Here she is in the midst of an art show at my daughter's school. The one who defined the word, Mom, for me. For those of you who, like me, enjoy a list, here are her astounding accomplishments:
  • Taught me, from the first skin on skin touch of my life, the meaning of faithful love
  • Raised two girls, in the face of the unpredictable, inconceivable event of her husband leaving her when her second daughter was just days old
  • Walked, whistling in the dark, with a desperate need for her heavenly Father, seeking and trusting Him for everything
  • Made ball gowns for grown up ladies
  • Made school and play clothes for not-so-grown-up young ladies
  • Taught that "young and lady" were inextricably linked words which did not exclude fun, but did require discernment
  • Worked, when many moms stayed at home
  • Cooked endless meals when the kitchen was her least favorite room
  • Responded to every little peep, tear, wail, story, action, need, desire, requirement coming from either my sister or me and often with the word, "no"
  • Gave up things I can't imagine or haven't considered to provide a home and those previously mentioned "needs"
  • Repaired endless tears, rips, breaks to toys, clothes and bears
  • Scolded
  • Cajoled
  • Loved
  • Encouraged
  • Never (NEVER!) missed a concert from the time I picked up my violin in 7th grade until I graduated college and there were many orchestras 
  • Typed term papers that were started waaay too late
  • Let go when I moved for my career, but was never really too far
  • Moved in for weeks when the babies came
  • "Reminded" me of all the mommie techniques required for those babies
  • Hosts endless overnights and after school meals for my kiddos
  • Loves at every corner
  • Tells good secrets 
  • Shares every experience
  • Houses old secrets
  • Giggles in cahoots
  • Listens
Mom is somewhat ageless. My cousin Pam told me yesterday about my mom's secret plan to focus on herself over summer so she can take on 4th graders three days a week after school and 6th graders every Wednesday morning. After the recent passing of our next door neighbor, Mom announced she's also decided not to make friends with anyone over 40. They can't be relied upon to be around when she wants to play.
I love her like crazy and I'm very aware, very aware of how blessed I am to have her for all that has been and all that is in front of us.

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