March 29, 2010

Time out for a memo to me re: Summertime

To: me
Fr: me
RE: Summertime

Hey there spring celebrating gal!
Here's an important reminder about that big thing coming your way. It will be here before you know it. There will be time on your hands. And more kiddos around than you can imagine.
Plan wisely.
Start the Things I Really, Really Wish To Do list with these fabulous prayer/hope/wish flags you've been itching to do for the patio. First noted at The Yellow Door Paperie.
Get out the lemonade stand the men built when the 13 year old was 10 and paint it! (Summer income is good.) 
Make a fun July 4th plan.
Think Lemons and Lemonade.
Plan vacation.
Recall the wisdom of Sophia  (i.e., "Last summer was way too busy. I'm layin' low this year." ~Sophia is 9.)
Breathe deeply. 
Don't worry about a thing.
It's only March.


Imene said...

That's a very good reminder. We get so wrapped in today busyness..

Shannon said...

I love your list! I make lists, too, and it helps me do the things that are important to me.

I also wanted to remind you that the next session of "Inside Out" starts Monday. I blogged a little bit about it today.

Happy day to you.


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