December 23, 2016


We are meant for life in all its fullness. Our getting together for the sheer pleasure of it anticipates the Kingdom and the heavenly banquet. Conviviality and celebration, especially in the face of difficult circumstances, bring light into the world.
-Br. Mark Brown

On this particular night, we'd seen the a play downtown with dinner before at a beautiful outside restaurant. We ate, al fresco, next to the Main Public Library. Beautiful. Scaffolded. Looming. 

The play was fine. A revival of a 1950's play done in a minimalist modern way. It left us, well, as the young crowd says, meh.

Mary suggested we stop for coffee on the way home. It was late. She and I are both really early birds, the husbands, not so much. So, we drove just a little bit and ended up at a favorite breakfast spot which transforms into a festive garden at night. There we were chatting, enjoying, savoring without the adult considerations of what the morning will bring. And simply living the evening out with each other. I do think these moments are exactly that. A taste of heaven and light in the world. 

We can live on these platters of time when the deeper darkness around us would have us stay in and starve. But then, Christ, the Giver said, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." It will do me good to live out of this gift.

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