December 21, 2016


God’s invitation for us to abide in God as God abides in us is not an invitation to settle down and get comfortable. It is a call to mission, a summons to fruitfulness. We are meant to share the fruits of the divine life with others.
-Br. David Vryhof

The last leaf on the tree is abiding. Holding fast, for now, to the branch. It has been created and nourished. It has flourished with the once-red, heart-shaped leaves of the Red Bud tree. And while I can add some nutrients to the soil, and water the tree, the truth is, life will happen in the coming dormancy. Designed by the Designer. Just like me. I sincerely want to be in this awareness. I abide. I can do what is necessary, the food, water, work, exercise, spiritual practice, love, friendship, all of it. But it's God the Designer of all, who is creating life within my being. Providing what will be found in my next steps. Or in my rest.
Abiding in Him.

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