October 25, 2016

Writing my way.

Today I asked Amanda how I'd know she's a writer. I wanted to hear about when and how she writes. She went right to journalling and blogging and how she is rather on and off with it. Cycles. And I thought two things: right! and then, wait a minute. I write just about everyday. Journaling, Artist's Way and I drifted (everyone is now talking in the rooms - back and forth - about her writing and the whatever else) and I think, I've never excelled at anything I did cyclically. They were just things I did.

At some point Chris said, "Vicki should have a blog."

I thought, (really), "Mercy. I have a blog." I said. Oh, yes. I do.

Then I went back into the drift and wondered, what am I doing? What's so important? Where is my writing. My art. My stuff. And it occurred to me, things don't become cyclical (other than seasons and things like that) we lean into them in cycles. I learned to be a cook by cooking everyday. Writer by writing everyday. Violinist by playing everyday (until I stopped).

What are the everyday things?
What are the joys and actions we love and have to do?


A week before my birthday I picked up a wonderful small book by Claire Diaz-Ortiz: DESIGN YOUR DAY. On my birthday I started reading it. I had to stop because she asks that the reader (that would be me) stop and take the required time to find ONE WORD to hold in focus for the year ahead. For me that is not the literal 2016, which, as you likely know, is 5/6 over. But for the seasonal year ahead. The one that follows the season of my birthday. So I'm doing that.
And somehow,
the considering
of what
makes up the
ABCs of me
is all
a part of my
pondering my way
into focus.

I have a blog.
I have a voice.
I love to write.


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